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The difference between the desktop timer and the alarm clock is that the alarm of the second one should be set not for a certain period of time, but for exact astronomical time. To get it right we need to adjust first the windows clock from the control panel. The time can be checked at the site

The alarm time could be set after clicking the "Set" button. The time 24:00:00 should be set as 00:00:00. The left and right arrow from the keyboard, the digits and the "ESC" key should be used for the purpose. The alarm could be switched on or off at any time pressing the "Alarm" button.

When the alarm goes on, the alarm clock pops up on the screen if it is minimized, the label "ALARM" should start blinking and the clock should play once the selected .WAV file. To stop the alarm blinking just press any button.

There is a system menu which you can call by right click at the system tray icon when the alarm clock is minimized or by right click at the display when it is maximized. From the system menu you can go to internet to download and test a new .WAV file for the alarm.

To move the alarm clock around the screen you can "catch" it with the left mouse button by the display. The last position of the alarm clock and the alarm value are saved in windows registry for convenience when it gets called again.

The application is very small - about 70K. You do not need to decompress it or to install it after the download, just run it or control it as every standalone windows application. If you do not remember some windows functionality, like how to create a desktop icon or to place an application in Startup, just check Windows Help or search with Google.

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