Desktop Clocks

Free Windows Desktop Timer


The Desktop Timer is a clock which counts down to zero and alarm which gets activated when zero is reached after a preset period of time. You can use it when you work on your computer and you boil eggs in the meanwhile or you are waiting for your coffee to get ready or when you need an alarm to remind you that your lecture is over or other similar situations.

The time period could be preset after clicking the "Set" button, using left and right arrow on the keyboard, digits and "ESC". The period could be set up to 99 hours with precision of 1 second. To start the countdown press the "Start" button.

If the desktop timer is minimized as an icon in the system tray, 5 seconds before reaching the value 00:00:00, it should pop up automatically on the screen and at value 00:00:00 the alarm should go on and the timer should play once the selected .WAV file.

The button "Reset" is for convenience only to set the timer at the last preset value and the button "Hide" is to hide the timer minimizing it into the system tray. You can maximize it back again with a double click at the system tray icon or by calling the system menu by a right click.

From the system menu you can go to internet to download and test a new .WAV file for the alarm.

To move the desktop timer around the screen you can "catch" it with the left mouse button by the display. The last position of the timer and its last preset value are saved in windows registry for convenience when it gets called again.

The application is very small - about 70K. You do not need to decompress it or to install it after the download, just run it or control it as every standalone windows application.

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