Desktop Clocks

Welcome to our site for desktop clocks and watches!

Sometimes, sitting behind our computer, we need to measure a time interval between two events, the speed of a program or the time spent working on a project. We might need to set up an alarm as well, which will produce a sound or will start blinking in a period of time. Usually there are plenty of clocks and watches around us and they sell them down in the street just for couple of bucks, but right in the moment when we need them, they are missing.

The Windows clock does not show parts of the second and it can not be started or stopped in a certain moment and it lacks alarm features as well. There are plenty of on-line clocks on internet, but they need your browser to be permanently open. Other windows clocks are too big or slow and eat up lots of resources like RAM, processor time or screen space. Believe it or not you can find similar clocks with a size of around 100MB. Our clocks are very small with a size of around 75KB and they take around 0% of the processor time (you can check it with Ctrl+Alt+Del in your Task Manager). You can hide them in Windows System Tray after setting them up until you need to check how they run or until they pop up on the screen when the alarm goes on. They are completely free, you do not registration to download them and they do not need to be installed as windows programs - just run them with a double click at the .EXE files.

We hope you will like our small clocks and they will be usefull at least a little bit for you!

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